AP80HF-45, 80A-120A Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Consumable Set, 20-Electrodes, 20-Shunts, 4-Bakelite Cups, 1-Torch Roller Guides

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  • AMICO Power Professionally Designed Pilot Arc Consumables S After lots of experimentation and practical use, this product was created to maintain the highest performance of the plasma torch.
  • Can be used in high-frequency contact at 80-120A following up with plasma arc cutting machine products. The high-frequency air plasma is suitable for various brands of 80-120A.
  • Electrode and shunts are made of very rare metals such as chromium, which can withstand extremely high temperatures and has very strong durability. The duration is five times longer than other products, making it extremely suited for professional cutting.
  • Bakelite cups are of excellent quality and can withstand extremely high temperatures. The item has extraordinary mechanical strength and durable insulation, is heat-resistant and corrosion-resistance, and is explosion-proof, making the product very safe.
  • Plasma cutter torch roller guide is manufactured with professional high temperature-resistant material. The production process is very delicate; the wheel positioning is very suitable and lubricated. This item is the most high-end product compared to other brands.
  • Total: 45 pieces of 80-120A P80 Consumables, 20 pieces of Electrodes, 20 pieces of Shunts, 4 pieces of Bakelite cups, and 1 piece of Torch Roller Guide.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in


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