AP-80, 80 AMP 13-Feet Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Torch, Use for APC-40HF/50HF/60HF/70HF & CUT-50HF/60HF


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  • AP-80 is a non-touch arc ignition plasma cutting torch suitable for cutting oily and rough surfaces along with painted metals. It is easy to cut various shapes and difficult metals. In addition to metal materials, you can cut a variety of other materials (check settings on the machine).
  • The ergonomic handle is very comfortable and safe, and easy for long-term use. The design is elegant, flawlessly manufactured, and incorporates the most advanced production technology. It is the best tool for professional use.
  • AP-80 is a professional plasma cutting gun with fast cutting speeds, high precision, small incisions, and small thermal deformation. The torch head is made of high-quality materials and the handle is made of flame-retardant materials, which makes them safe and reliable.
  • The AP-80 pilot arc torch has a length of 13 feet, a rated current of 80 amperes, and an air pipe pressure that can withstand 250 psi. It has a maximum cutting thickness of 1.5 inch, a duty cycle of 60% at 80 amperes, and a subsequent process of 60 second.
  • AP-80 is designed for AMICO non-touch pilot arc plasma cutting, compatible with CUT-50HF/60HF and APC-40HF/50HF/60HF/70HF. Consumables: AP80-48 ​​/ AP80-92 and AP80HF-45 / AP80HF-90.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 13 in


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