WP-17V, 13-Feet. 180-Amp Pro. Lift-TIG Torch Gun, Use for MIG-160/180/200, MTS-165/185/205, ARC-160/180, ARC-160DC/180DC/200DC.


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  • WP-17V is a high-quality argon arc welding torch with excellent gas valve control. It incorporates the lift-ignition arc welding method, which has no high-frequency interference and is 100% safe for all electronic products.
  • The ergonomic handle makes the torch very comfortable, safe, and durable. The elegant design along with the most advanced technology makes this the best tool for professionals.
  • The handle of WP-17V is made of flame-retardant material, making it very safe and reliable. The length is 13 feet, the rated current is 180 amps, and the duty cycle at 180 amps is 60%. Compatible with MIG-160/180/200, MTS-165/185/205, ARC-160/180/200, ARC-160DC/180DC/200DC..

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 13 in


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