SPG15180 Spool Gun, 180-Amp 15-Feet, Use for MIG-140GS, MIG-160/180/200, MTS-185/205

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  • SPG15180 has an elegant and sleek design incorporating advanced production technology. It is a high-quality spool gun; the aluminum welding effect is excellent.
  • With an advanced 24V-DC brushless motor, the spool gun has an excellent wire feeding stability, allowing it to produce the most ideal welding effect flawlessly.
  • SPG15180 can hold 4 inch spools, making it suitable for 1 pound aluminum spools or 2 pound mild steel, stainless steel, or silicon bronze MIG welding wire spools.
  • The duty cycle is 180 amps @ 60%. The high-quality available contacts and nozzles make it most reliable and durable.
  • Compatible with all AMICO POWER MIG welding machines: MIG-140GS/MIG-160GS and MIG-160/MIG-180.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 in


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