PT31-25, 40-Amp 25-Feet Plasma Cutter Torch Gun, Use for CUT-30/40 CTS-160/180 and APC-30/40


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  • PT31-25 plasma torch assembly. Max. 239 psi Air Pressure, 60% duty cycle at 40 amps
  • High frequency ignition, making it very easy to start an arc. Post flow: 40 sec. recommended
  • The cutting torch head is made of high quality materials with strong flame retardation
  • Plasma cutting is characterized with high cutting speeds, high precision, clean cutting effects, and small thermal deformation.
  • Specially customized for AMICO CUT-30, CUT-40, CTS-160, CTS-180, ACP-30A, APC-40A

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 25 in


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