MTS-165, 165-Amp MIG MAG Flux-cored Lift-TIG Stick Arc DC Inverter Welder, 100-250V Dual Voltage, Compatible Spool Gun: SPG15180 & SPG15250


MTS-165 is a multi-functional electric welding machine with a sleek and elegant appearance with superb production technology. It adopts the most advanced IGBT inverter technology, resulting in excellent arc stability and flawless welding effects. All metals can be welded: stainless steel, carbon steel, low carbon steel, steel, alloy, iron, copper, cast iron, and even aluminum (Spool gun SPG15180 & SPG15250).

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  • MTS-165 integrates the most innovative design structure and technology, featuring all the functions of every welding machine: MIG, MAG, Flux core, Lift TIG, Stick and Spool gun (which can weld aluminum). It can perfectly weld all conductive metals: aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, steel, cast iron, iron and copper; all up to around 1/4 inch. The MTS-185 is the most efficient machine for every task.
  • The MTS-165 uses a high-quality wire feeder to ensure smooth and stable wire feeding. When using MIG/MAG/Flux-core welding, it is very easy to adjust the welding current and wire-feeding speed. The output is easily adjustable according to the thickness, and polarity is easily altered according to the wire type. Even beginners can complete any task efficiently and easily with this machine.
  • MTS-165 is designed with an intelligent power supply system. It can automatically detect the input voltage and easily switch between 110V and 230V. Extending the power cord by 700 feet can also resist cable attenuation and still allow the machine to work normally. It is very suitable for operations on construction sites, house maintenance, docks, and even agricultural sites.
  • MTS-165 is designed and manufactured according to the highest production standards. You can use 2 pound and 10 pound spools. The ergonomic design and lightweight model make the machine very easy to carry. It has a variety of safety protection functions: automatic voltage compensation, over-heat protection, over-current protection, over-load protection, short circuit protection, etc.
  • The MTS-165 creates very clear welding wire melted droplets, making it easy to transfer. The fast, precise, and clean arc ignition and arc termination make this machine a reliable and effective tool for industrial manufacturing, car modification, professional repairs, and home maintenance. The automatic temperature control function makes the machine run very quietly, and all accessories and interfaces are according to American standards.


Welder Type: 3-IN-1 MIG/TIG/STICK Combo Welder

Output Terminal Type: Direct Wire

Power Supply: AC 100V-250V/Single Phase/50-60Hz

Effective Input Current:

    • 115V: 28.9A(MIG)/17.2A(TIG)/29.1A(STICK)
    • 230V: 19.8A(MIG)/11.9A(TIG)/19.5A(STICK)

Maximum Input Current:

    • 115V: 37.3A(MIG)/22.2A(TIG)/37.6A(STICK)
    • 230V: 25.6A(MIG)/15.3A(TIG)/25.1A(STICK)

Current Range Output:

    • MIG: 115V/50A-130A, 230V/50A-165A
    • TIG: 115V/10A-110A, 230V/10A-140A
    • STICK: 115V/10A-110A, 230V/10A-140A

Nominal DC Open Circuit Voltage (OCV): 56V

Welding Output,104F(40C),10 min(230V):

    • MIG: 165A/22.2V, TIG: 140A/15.6V, STICK: 140A/25.6V

Duty Cycle:

    • MIG: 60% at 165A, 100% at 128A
    • TIG: 60% at 140A, 100% at 108A
    • STICK: 60% at 140A, 100% at 108A

Efficiency: 93%

Power factor: 0.85

Cooling Method: Fan Cooled

Product Size: 13.4 x 9.1 x 17.3 INCH

Product Weight: 25.0 LBS

Package Size: 24.2 x 14.2 x 18.1 INCH

Package Weight: 48.0 LBS

Package Includes:

  • 13 feet 200A professional MIG torch assembly
  • 13 feet 200A professional TIG torch assembly
  • 10 feet 300A electrode holder assembly
  • 10 feet 300A work clamp assembly
  • 110V/230V power adapter
  • 8 feet hose for Co2 and Argon
  • 1 spool flux-cored wire & 1 spool steel wire
  • 2 pcs tungsten needles & 4 pcs electrodes
  • 1 U-drive roll for 0.030” & 0.035” (0.8mm/0.9mm)
  • 1 V-drive roll for 0.023” & 0.030” (0.6mm/0.8mm)
  • Quick manual & Owner’s manual


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Weight 46.0 lbs


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